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Meet the team


old fox

Jeremy Woolwich is a marketing, communications and strategy consultant with over 30 years of experience. His practice Independent Perspective, helps companies and brands both global and local, tackle common challenges, plan for change and evolve. Jeremy is our Old Fox and is damn good at it.

However the world has changed since Jeremy cut his teeth in business and
as the speed of change gathers pace, he is intrigued by the new and emerging trends that are shaking the foundations of how business get things done and the challenges they present to individuals, management teams and the wider community.



young fox

Oliver Happy works in tech. He enjoys building web and mobile apps that improve people’s lives. With his background in building tech, he is pretty comfortable with all things software, hardware and cloudware. Oliver is our Young Fox and definitely isn't ready to be called the 'Middle Fox'.

Even though Oliver was born in New Zealand with a keyboard in hand so to speak and is very comfortable in the new digitized business world, he recognises the value of the new world view learning, benefiting and integrating the knowledge, experiences and wisdom from the old.

He is keen to explore and adopt any business thinking or practice new or old that helps navigate the challenges ahead.

thy thy thy.jpg

youngest fox

Thy Lam recently graduated with a Masters in Business and is in the start of her Marketing career. With a multi cultural, European, Australasian background, a millennial and a female to boot, Thy brings a very different perspective to the conversation.

Sassy, smart and full of beans, Thy also brings the 'get it done' to the team in the role of as the "Youngest Fox" in the team.

Thy has been immersed in a world where not being “online” is unheard of. She is inquisitive and deeply curious to learn something from the good old days and perhaps help all the Old Foxes out there access and learn more of the new.

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