EP013: Gamification with Pete Jenkins

Games. Gaming. Playing games. Playing around. Phrases not always associated with positive outcome. But is this correct? Are we missing something here? Are we not all kids inside? Can games teach us about life? Can play help groups of people to negotiate difficult situations? Is playing actually good for you?

We examine games, gaming and gamification closely with our resident expert, Pete Jenkins. A lifelong gamer, successful businessman and Lecturer on the subject. This may just make a gamer out of you, although not in the way you might think.

Topics covered include;

  • What is a game and what is gamification?

  • How can play help teams in almost any arena?

  • Can we play our way to a better world?

  • Is there a dark side to gaming?

  • Could gamification help us negotiate today's big challenges?

Links discussed;

About our guest

Pete Jenkins is one of the UK's authorities on gamification. Pete is Entrepreneur in residence at Brighton University, guest Lecturer at Kings College London, speaker and CEO of Gamification+. He travels widely, helping organisations large and small deal with change and spreads the good word about how life's challenges can be tackled through play.

Contacting our guest

Pete can be reached via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenkinspete/

Or via the Gamification+ site.